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is a coalition of individuals, institutions, and organizations working to improve the quality of basic education.
Synergeia: (see-ner-hee-yuh) Greek, n. a union of forces whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We implement programs to improve basic education for nearly 1.5 million schoolchildren in 250 municipalities in the Philippines. We engage local governments, socio-civic groups, schools, teachers, parents, and students to work together in upgrading basic education.

Save a Filipino child from a lifetime of ignorance!

Every peso counts. No contribution is too small, whether skills or monetary.


Jesse Robredo’s Governance in Education

Sec. Jesse RobredoSecretary Jesse M. Robredo changed mindset, processes and values in the way public education is delivered.  He made the system “bottom-up, transparent and  participatory”.  He emphasized the importance of measuring performance so that schools and public officials can be accountable to the people.  He “Reinvented Local School Boards”, expanded their functions, and broadened their membership.  He believed that people should be consulted on  how budget should be spent.  He exacted efficiency and honesty in public spending.  He held school summits shocking parents on the poor learning  performance of children.  At the same time, he challenged them to work with him in providing them  with the best education.

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Latest News

Padre Garcia Kids to have Fun Reading in June

Kinder and Grade 1 Pupils in Padre Garcia, Batangas will have exciting classes in the coming school year as their teachers apply the new techniques acquired from the training conducted by Synergeia Foundation under USAID’s Education Governance Effectiveness (EdGE) on May 4-5, 2015.


LSB Initiative Leads to Future Storybook Publication to Develop Children's Enthusiasm for Reading


The local government of the municipality of Luna, La Union has reason to be proud. The local school board's (LSB) initiative to train its teachers in October 2014 resulted into the future publication and distribution of an original story made by five teachers to benefit children nationwide.

According to Luna Mayor Victor Marron, the success was the result of attending the LSB workshop conducted by Synergeia Foundation under USAID's Education Governance Effectiveness (EdGE) in October 2013. This was when he learned that effective education programs need not require big funds. "We started to think of projects that will have the biggest impact in enhancing children's learning abilities on a limited budget," he relates.


School Head Leads Community to Improve Children's Learning Environment

The biggest challenge for Felomina Taplin, Teacher-In-Charge at Besong-Saddle Primary School in the municipality of Tuba, Benguet, was to raise the performance of her pupils by providing a more conducive learning environment for them. The school governance workshop conducted by Synergeia Foundation under USAID's Education Governance Effectiveness (EdGE) program taught her to engage the community to help with the task and how to do it effectively.


Teen’s Tale Inspires Parents At QC District 5 Workshop

It is our choices not our circumstances that will determine our fate. This was essentially the message of Dr. Tonton Torralba, Synergeia Trustee and dean at University of Asia and the Pacific, during the parent-leaders workshop under the initiative of Quezon City District V Councilor Alyson Medalla early this month.

Dr. Torralba said that there is no such thing as a broken home because home is where the heart is. Whether a family is composed of two parents, a single parent or even a guardian to a child unrelated by blood, it is when one chooses to consider each other family that determines a home. It is this choice that gives one the strength to face the challenges of life without bitterness. To illustrate his point, Dr. Torralba invited 16-year old Ara Joy Cruz of Tinajeros, Malabon City to share her life story with the participants.


QC District 3 Summit Raises Awareness on Children's Reliance on Internet

Children need to learn how to read instead of relying too much on the internet. This was the statement of Irene Camua, head librarian of Quezon City District III library as she appealed to teachers to bring their students to a real library and learn to do proper research.

On the district's first education summit held at the Quezon City Hall on Dec. 6 in partnership with Synergeia Foundation and UNICEF, Camua lamented that students no longer put any effort in doing their assignments and instead  resort to the 'cut and paste' method wherein they extract prepared studies from internet sources like Wikipedia.org. They don't even bother to edit or cross-reference materials and just submit the text with its online formatting intact.



Iloilo LGU-Synergeia Partnership Improves Focus on Basic Education

Local government units (LGUs) in Iloilo have been giving more focus to basic education thanks to the province's partnership with Synergeia Foundation and the community, according to provincial administrator Raul Banias.

"Basic education previously did not get much attention from LGUs but because of Synergeia, we became more appreciative of how you perform in your schools," Banias told elementary school principals during Synergeia's USAID-funded school governance workshop under the Education Governance Effectiveness (EdGE) Program on August 27-29, 2014.